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kaffe-1.1.1 package available for tests

Hi all,

I've just repack kaffe-1.1.1 (apt-get source kaffe; and uupdate)

As I'm not a DD and also not the kaffe maintainer, I will not upload the
package, nor ask for a sponsor to upload it. As I did nothing special to
build  the package,  everybody feel  free  to modify  the changelog  and
(!!!  except #196867, NO bug should be closed with the changelog!!!). 

The builds exist for i386 and powerpc:

The    new    upstream    release    closes   #196867    (Kaffe    1.1.0
available). According to Dalibor Topic (in the same bug report), the new
upstream release will close these bugs:

 #51230  No exception raised when an external program is not found
 #61264  config.* in the libungif dir are too old for ARM port
 #75800  config.sub outdated
 #77869  Upstream changelog and other docs missing
#116802  portability problem in kaffe/kaffevm/debug.h
#141597  FTBFS: tries to include non-existant headerfile on mips(el)
#158743  Math.round is broken
#170021  does not handle -classpath in a good way.
#170059  jar uf doesn't work for me
#193263  FTBFS: syntax errors

Best regards,

-- Arnaud Vandyck

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