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Re: SUN java

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On Wed, 15 May 2002, linux.anc@email.it wrote:

> >
> > HI,
> >
> > > my company is starting to use debian as server to develop java, however
> > > my boss noticed that there is no SUN j2ee/j2sdk (official or not)
> > > 1.3/1.4 release for debian.
> >
> > AFAIK there's no debian-package of the official Sun J2EE/J2SE, but that
> > doesn't mean you can't install the rpm or the tar.gz package.
> That is the solution I proposed if the blackdown test fails... (I really
> think the test will be ok, but my boss wanted an alternative... :-)

I think your boss could be convinced by the following argument: there are
many java implementations in the wild, some people not necesarilly use the
latest 1.4 or 1.3. Myself, I prefer installing tar.gz by hand into
/usr/local/{ibm-1.3,sun-1.2.2,blackdown-1.3,etc,etc} and using some shell
wrappers to set proper environment variables. That way, I can test an app
with different jvm's, do it quickly, automation is possible as well and
there is no need to give users additional privileges. Some other solutions
may be equally good but this is what I do.

That way, the fact that I use Debian for my java development is totally
insignificant, because I don't need, don't ask for and moreover, I would
be dissatisfied when presented with packaged jdk without tar.gz option. Of
course I chose Debian as my primary system because of some reason - you
can find all my reasons and even more on some advocacy group (ask them and
they will send you tons of reasons, choose whatever you like).

So, what bothers your boss seems to be secondary problem in my eyes but I
can be missing something from the picture.

Just my $0.02, as an alternative opinion (I have noticed that everybody
would like debs for jdk - well, now you know the one with other wishes
:-) ).


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