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Re: SUN java

> HI,
> > my company is starting to use debian as server to develop java, however
> > my boss noticed that there is no SUN j2ee/j2sdk (official or not)
> > 1.3/1.4 release for debian.
> AFAIK there's no debian-package of the official Sun J2EE/J2SE, but that
> doesn't mean you can't install the rpm or the tar.gz package.

That is the solution I proposed if the blackdown test fails... (I really
think the test will be ok, but my boss wanted an alternative... :-)

> > For now, I'm trying to convince him about the goodness of blackdown
> > implementation, so we'll start a test using it.
> I recall Sun once using the Blackdown-version for distribution as their
> Linux-version of the JDK...
> > However I looked (by google) a debian package of sun implementation, but
> > I didn't find it.
> >
> > Does anyone know where I can find it, if any?
> See above.
> > I think debian should be provided by these (unofficial) package, because
> >  some companies want use the official java sun, so they install a
> > non-debian distro only for it.
> Which is ridiculous because the officially provided package from Sun
> installs fine on a Debian machine.
yes, it is, but it *seems* an hacking, not a good solution.
Is There a (non-license) motivation for the absence of a .deb for the
official SUN java?

> And IMHO the Blackdown JDK is a
> better choice.
> It tends to get a bit more testing (on more platforms) and
> some bugfixes found after a release from Sun is already made.
I think so, but my boss doesn't :-(,

Thanks for you patience,

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