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Re: Quitting debian-java

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001 17:43:41 EAT
Alan KF LAU <akflau@itsd.gcn.gov.hk> wrote:

> And I'm guessing this guy(you, Alex) thought java.security only apply to web
> application.
> On the contrary, you can lift many of the security measure in writing
> web-based applets as the browser VM already restrict a lot of
> local/remote access.
> I just wrote a small database front end without java.security because
> this applet will only access the database reside in its server. If you
> don't understand what I mean RTFM. The java api doc is very complete and
> easy to read, even for 'guy' like you.

How exactly is that not a Web application? It's an application, and it's used strictly on the Web...

> Alan.



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