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Kaffe and Microsoft [Was: Quitting debian-java]

Per Bothner wrote:

> Alan KF LAU <akflau@itsd.gcn.gov.hk> writes:
> > Just for everybody's information. kaffe is in fact developed under a
> > contract to Microsoft, please see
> > http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,20225,00.html 
> This quite misleading.  As far as I know, the Microsoft contract
> referred to has only funded a very small part of Kaffe.  (I have had
> contact with Tim Wilkinson and Kaffe since before there was a
> Transvirtual, and in fact was involved in some early of funding of
> Kaffe, when I worked at Cygnus .)

You're rigth Per.  You can said that Kaffe is developed under a contract
with Microsoft.  Read Transvirtual announcement.

    Although Microsoft funded the project to implement the Java
    extensions available through the Microsoft Developer Tools
    Interoperability Kit, Transvirtual wholly owns the code. Wilkinson
    said, "We're adding this code to our open source desktop version of
    Kaffe, and we've retained the exclusive rights to use this code in
    our licensed version of Kaffe for Internet appliances."

To deal with `delegate' microsoft extension, Kaffe contains three
classes developed by Transvirtual in extension microsoft.jar:


Note also that KJC include in Kaffe distribution _does not_ support
delegate keyword.

So fill free to remove microsoft.jar and libmicrosoft.so if you dislike it.
Edouard G. Parmelan - Kaffe Core Team Member
http://egp.free.fr  - http://www.kaffe.org

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