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Re: Quitting debian-java


I'm guessing this guy is one of those who thinks the only thing that can
be done with Java is a Web application (which, presumably, makes heavy use
of java.security.*). I think we should come up with a name for people like
that. Dot-communists? Dot-com-a-holics? Dot-com-iacs?




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On 1 Mar 2001, Per Bothner wrote:

> Alan KF LAU <akflau@itsd.gcn.gov.hk> writes:
> > Just for everybody's information. kaffe is in fact developed under a contract to Microsoft, please see http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,20225,00.html 
> This quite misleading.  As far as I know, the Microsoft contract
> referred to has only funded a very small part of Kaffe.  (I have had
> contact with Tim Wilkinson and Kaffe since before there was a
> Transvirtual, and in fact was involved in some early of funding of
> Kaffe, when I worked at Cygnus .)
> > Also one of the very annoying thing in kaffe bother me much is that it has not implemented java.security. It is a mistake or an intention to make Java insecure?
> > See http://www.kaffe.org/cgi-bin/kaffe/security?user=guest;addsignature=1
> > 
> > How could one build a serious application without java.security?
> You are being deliberately provocative.  Of course one can build a
> serious application without java.security.  One can even build a
> secure application without it, though java.security gives you better
> control.  A compiler, a word-processor, an editor, or any single-user
> application should not to deal with security concerns.
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