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Re: Quitting debian-java

Hi, I hate to see a great people like you leaving. I haven't been
reading all other followups yet, so please forgive me if there's any
repeated message.

> Therefore, I stop maintaining java-common (I will send an official ITO unless someone steps in really fast) and the proposed Java policy.
Thanks for your great job.

> One of the reasons I stop using Java is that it is too painful when you are commited to free software: most real programs depend on non-free (JDK >= 1.3, Swing). Even for those who do not, gcj and kaffe (unlike jikes) are, in their released versions, far from being 100 % ready. At least for kaffe, the problems of insufficient releases is worse in Debian because the package is too old.

Just for everybody's information. kaffe is in fact developed under a contract to Microsoft, please see http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,20225,00.html 

Also one of the very annoying thing in kaffe bother me much is that it has not implemented java.security. It is a mistake or an intention to make Java insecure?
See http://www.kaffe.org/cgi-bin/kaffe/security?user=guest;addsignature=1

How could one build a serious application without java.security?

>Worse, many people in the free software world seem to care very little
about the problem.

Perhaps we have not educated legislators to understand the threat. (j/k)

I wish you have a better future. Good luck man.


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