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Re: Making my potato japanese capable =D

* Tomohiro KUBOTA pisze co następuje... 
* [2000/08/20 16:41]

> Correction: freewnn-kserver is for Korean.  freewnn-jserver is for Japanese.

 I made the correction 'on the fly' while apt'ing it :>
> If you don't like emacs and you don't use X, it will be
> somewhat troublesome to input Japanese.  You should use 'canna',
> an alternative Japanese-inputing server, instead of wnn or
> freewnn-jserver.  There are some clients which can speak the 
> canna protocol.  For example, jvim-canna, jed-canna, and
> nvi-m17n-canna are editors which can communicate directly with
> canna server.  You can also use 'emacs20-dl' + 'emacs-dl-canna',
> 'kinput2-canna', and so on if you like.

 I  managed  to get it all working: using kon, jvim-canna and canna I am
now able to input hiragana and convert it to katakana or kanji. The ano­
ther  problem  that  arouse,  is  --  jvim  doesn't  use  any additional
programs, to communicate w/ server. The command for  ->kanji  conversion
is ctrl-space, but I wonder if there are another ones available (i.e., a
key for instant ->katakana conversion, or so...). I also wonder if I can
make jvim use kinput2-canna while in X... it doesn't seem to use it, and
I cannot test kinput2 -- krxvt doesn't let me input Japanese in the com­
mand  line  (or  is there an option for it?), and other 'Japanese aware'
progs I have are xjdic and kdrill -- useless in this situation...
> I am a developer of user-ja package.  Sorry not to prepare an
> extensive document in English.  I decided not to prepare it because
> I would not be able to maintain such a document...  (Well, if many
> people want English document, I will prepare it.)

 Count me in :) At least, a short info or translation of questions...

Bye, and thanks for all the help!

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