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Making my potato japanese capable =D

Vi there!

 I'm learning Japanese, and I tried to make my fresh potato install 'ja­
panese capable'. I managed to get some stuff working -- I have  kon  for
console  to  see  kanas/kanji,  and  jvim, jless and such to view files.
Works quite nice, I can read (well... I'm trying to, I'm learning  Japa­
nese  for  just  one  year ;) some mans. I ran xjdic, and it works fine.
Under X I managed to get kdrill to work... I haven't tried anything else
(as  I'm  kinda  console  guy =D), but I think it'll work fine too. rxvt
works as japanese capable terminal. Everything is fine, but I can't make
it  together to _write_ in Japanese. Sure, it draws some kanjis when un­
der kon, but I don't have any control  over  it  ;)  I'd  like  to  have
something  like  Japanese WordPro for win's modes: kanas/kanji, with in­
stant conversion. I have freewnn running (what is it for), but I  cannot
make anything from the docs -- it is all japanese! :( Can anyone help me
with this?

 If there's a specific faq (should be!) on this topic, please give me an
url. I'm searching for such info for a long time... and my friends  want
this info too! =D


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