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Re: Making my potato japanese capable =D

* Taketoshi Sano pisze co następuje... 
* [2000/08/17 19:12]

First  of  all,  I'd like to thank all of the people who had answered my
mail. You've been a great help! Thanks!

>  freewnn-kserver is a conversion server for Japanese text input.  You need
> a frontend in order to use that server.  On X11, use "kinput2-wnn".

 Wait  a sec, this server is doing kana->kanji conversion, right? I skim
read the linux-nihongo doc (I'm quite short on time :(  )  and  I  found
out,  that jvim should manage without help of any program, it can commu­
nicate directly with the server. And it works fine: ctrl-space  puts  me
into  hiragana mode, but when I press space to do the conversion, it fa­
ils, writting something on the bottom (hey, did I  said  I'm  _learning_
japanese? I can't quite understand it, but it has negation (-masen) so I
think it has problems communicating with the server... why?). I tried to
change  access  rights to the socket in /tmp, but even if I stated rwxr­
wxrwx it failed again...

 Two important things: 
  1/  I'm  rather  using  a  console...  X11  is a last resort, slow and
unfriendly (for me, that is :) Kon + jvim works nice... but the  problem
is as above.
  2/ I _hate_ emacs. Sorry, no bonus, maybe it has some special Japanese
features, but I won't use it... :>
> Try create another account for learning Japanese, and use user-ja-conf in
> user-ja package.  user-ja is a configuration tool for Japanese environment,
> and it has /usr/share/doc/user-ja/README.e.gz

 :)  I  downloaded  it, but it asks a bunch of questions... in Japanese.
Long hours w/ dictionary coming ahead....

> As others say, http://tlug.linux.or.jp/~craigoda/writings/linux-nihongo/
> is very useful URL.  Check it.

 Thanks! It _is_ a decent piece of docs. If I only had more time to read
it... :>


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