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Re: Making my potato japanese capable =D

I've been looking for something like user-ja for a long time... Now all I need to do is learn some more kanji so that I can read more Japanese (high school/university nihongo doesn't really cut it..) dommo arigato, Taketoshi san.
On Thu, Aug 17, 2000 at 10:59:38PM +0900, Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> Hi!
> In <20000815234426.A834@magi>,
>   on Tue, 15 Aug 2000 23:44:26 +0200,
>     on Making my potato japanese capable =D,
>  Jakub Turski <yacoob@supersonic.plukwa.net> wrote:
> > something  like  Japanese WordPro for win's modes: kanas/kanji, with inュ
> > stant conversion. I have freewnn running (what is it for), but I  cannot
>  freewnn-kserver is a conversion server for Japanese text input.  You need
> a frontend in order to use that server.  On X11, use "kinput2-wnn".
>  kinput is an input server for X11 application, and kinput-wnn is a front
>  end/client for the wnn jserver.
> > make anything from the docs -- it is all japanese! :( Can anyone help me
> > with this?
> Try create another account for learning Japanese, and use user-ja-conf in
> user-ja package.  user-ja is a configuration tool for Japanese environment,
> and it has /usr/share/doc/user-ja/README.e.gz
> >  If there's a specific faq (should be!) on this topic, please give me an
> > url. I'm searching for such info for a long time... and my friends  want
> > this info too! =D
> As others say, http://tlug.linux.or.jp/~craigoda/writings/linux-nihongo/
> is very useful URL.  Check it.
> Regards.
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