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Re: please don't top-post

On 24.8.2010 г. 17:02 ч., Thomas Goirand wrote:

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Please, pretty please, keep your sexual orientation (top or bottom) wars
in private conversations. The rest may not like the porn at this place,
especially if trying to do some work.

As I wrote before, I used to ask privately and keep
insist that everyone else is wrong, feel free, but
everyone might then think you are just a morron
willing to troll.


<sarcasm color="pink">

1) there was an additional line/s in my message, thanks for snipping them off silently. acutally, it was something like "there must be rules so stop arguing" or so. it is your problem if you did not read them; but it is not wise to cut the relevant part(s) and then troll as you do; but even this does not matter, reading the rest of the crap you so shamefully provided to the whole list;

2) keep the well speeeeleed moRRon for yourself, or at least off the debian-* lists, please;

3) it is not good to act as a purist and do such bad-bad things. shame on you. practice what you prrreach.

4) pretttty pleaaaase, direct the rest of the senseless insults to my personal mail, where they will be properly dealt. which was i've asked anyway, but who cares, especially the quick-draw cowboys.

PS and yes, there was a good point for top posting, about the mobile devices. but the rest in this thread - trolling, naming, overquoting, underquoting, personal moronic insults et cetera are just and still crap,crap,crap and should not be there.

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