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Re: please don't top-post

On Mon, 23 Aug 2010, Adam McGreggor wrote:
On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 12:28:03PM +0200, kalpesh thaker wrote:
On 23/08/2010 12:00, Thomas Goirand wrote:
Respect others and do not top post: it's unreadable if you do.
[ removing ~90 lines ]
that is a very good email Thomas! thank you!
Please trim/appropriately quote, too.

This is one reason for which in some cases top posting is better.
on weekend i was writing from the cellphone that does not have a way to remove text except a character at once. so it would need too much time to doing edit. also, usually, one read one page at once, if one found a page full of commented line has no way to see at a glance what is the message saying "me too" at the end is frustrating). Remember that if you read an e-mailo on a bandwidth constrained terminal to scroll down you have to load the entire message, otherwise is just the first page. Usually I use (except when on reduced capability terminals) this way: if the first part of the reply is whitin the first 2 shown lines, i do intercalar reply, otherwise I put a couple of lines at beginning saying that the reply is whitin (or after) the original text

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