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Re: please don't top-post

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> <sarcasm>
> Please, pretty please, keep your sexual orientation (top or bottom) wars 
> in private conversations. The rest may not like the porn at this place, 
> especially if trying to do some work.
> </sarcasm>

As I wrote before, I used to ask privately and keep
it off-list, until too many people started to write
the wrong way. If you didn't notice, I started the
subject of this thread by "please", and I didn't
agress anyone (I have the feeling you do above).

Now, this is *not* a personal preference, but a
general convention in absolutely *all* of the lists
at Debian. There's no war here, but an established
habbit that everyone is respecting. What's for sure
is that if we start mixing all posting style, it
will be unreadable. If you on purpose want to
insist that everyone else is wrong, feel free, but
everyone might then think you are just a morron
willing to troll.


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