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Re: shell access behind a trasparent proxy http only

Urgent means by tomorrow at 16. Also the administrator is contracted outside the organization where the FW is operating.
This mean that is techinichally impossible to obtain a change for
tomorrow, sunday.
So they gave us a guest access that does not require for them any special operation. Also, since i think would pass another year before some other guest had the necessity to use ssh, it would be an effort not worth the advantage. Aboit legalities: the arrangement is not made to reach some other's server without this server administrators aithorization, but rather to be able to use on our own server a certain protocol.

Leonardo Boselli

On Sun, 22 Aug 2010, Boris Pavlov wrote:
On 21.8.2010 ?. 16:30 ?., Leonardo Boselli wrote:
I have the urgent necessity to allow some users that lay behind a
try taking to the f*cking administrators. that is the legal - and preferable - solution.

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