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Re: load balanced nic

2008/9/29 PÁSZTOR György <pasztor@linux.gyakg.u-szeged.hu>:
> Hi!
> It sounds like the most common issue of the fixed port:
> Device A sets its FE to fixed 100 FD
> Device B sets its FE to autoneg.
> B try to autoneg: A has disabled it, so doesn't answer.
> B sense the speed and sets 100-HD.
> -> B measures many-many collisions because tries Half Duplex operation on a
> link, where the oppenent part operates in Full.

that was the issue, they configured the cat with fixed port and we didn't know!
BUT that was not a problem when, instead of a linux server, there was connected
a c7200 on the same port of the switch ...

> But, if it's the case, what I suppose, it's not the fault of your cisco
> devices, or your computers. It's a simple PEBKAC.

obviously it's not equipment fault, it's just a matter of configuration,
knowing when a port is fixed and when not...
but sometimes you just *can't* know how some 'computers' are configured,
and in our experience when the connection is cisco <-> cisco aren't
any problems, when it's cisco <-> other equipment fixing the port on the
non-cisco server/switch/whatever has always fixed collision problems
while rarely tweaking on cisco config has...

btw, never had a problem with Gbit connections, only with 100 Mbit, (and
ethtool even refuses to turn autoneg off on GbE fortunately ;)


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