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Re: load balanced nic

Another case of fixing a port speed:
We had a 10 base T network (but with 5 and 5E cabling). all went fine for
some years. at a certain time the number of workstations connected were so
much increased that the network became unusable.
We bought some Gigabit switches and as pheripheric swicthes, to conenct
all WS in a room, some chap 100 MB switches. all was fine ... for just a
few weeks ... given more bandwidth even users increased their usage, so
even the 100 MB switch proved unusable ... ot at least it looked so. We
bought a further gigabit one.
Actually it fixed the problem for "local" (that is between hosts in
the same romm) file transfer but speed decreased for "outside" connection,
op to levers worse than when used the 10 MB switch.
Since i had doubt on one of the GB switch i swapped that one for a
knownt-to-work 100 MB one. Performance retuyrned good.
I inquired and discovered that on the cable from the backbone to the romm
having problem (a long and hard to reach cable) 2 wires were defective
somewhere . Changing the wire was out of concern, so the solution was to
set the speed at 100 MB on that junction, so it used only two
"good" pairs, while on GB setting it tried to use also the two defective

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