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Re: load balanced nic


2008/9/28 PÁSZTOR György <pasztor@linux.gyakg.u-szeged.hu>:
> Hi,

> Could you show us some proof for this, otherwise I have to assume, that
> this is a nonsense urban legend.
> I have tons of 2950s and 3750s at my workplace which is maintained by me,
> but there is no fixed ports in the whole building.

we have a cat 2950 connected to a server running quagga.
We kept seeing collision both on the switch (led blinking yellow) and
on the server (ifconfig from console and sh int eth1 from vtysh). Talking
with our upstrem provider (it's their cat) they told to fix our port
and *bam* no more collision in two years. After that we had to temporarily
replace a linksys managed switch with a cheap one and our 7200 began to show
collisions on the fE interface which disappeared when we put back the
linksys and fixed the port there ...


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