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Re: load balanced nic


"Mr Shunz" <mrshunz@gmail.com> írta 2008-09-29 13:26-kor:
> we have a cat 2950 connected to a server running quagga.
> We kept seeing collision both on the switch (led blinking yellow) and
> on the server (ifconfig from console and sh int eth1 from vtysh). Talking
> with our upstrem provider (it's their cat) they told to fix our port
> and *bam* no more collision in two years. After that we had to temporarily
> replace a linksys managed switch with a cheap one and our 7200 began to show
> collisions on the fE interface which disappeared when we put back the
> linksys and fixed the port there ...
It sounds like the most common issue of the fixed port:
Device A sets its FE to fixed 100 FD
Device B sets its FE to autoneg.
B try to autoneg: A has disabled it, so doesn't answer.
B sense the speed and sets 100-HD.
-> B measures many-many collisions because tries Half Duplex operation on a
link, where the oppenent part operates in Full.

But, if it's the case, what I suppose, it's not the fault of your cisco
devices, or your computers. It's a simple PEBKAC.


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