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Re: Changing the default simlink to sh [was: Password file with over 3000 users.]

> >On 26.09.07 15:28, Nate Duehr wrote:
> >>Why can't you put your chosen sh shell in your shebang, just like  
> >>you're asking others to be forced to do?
> >
> >he does - he uses /bin/sh. But some linux lamers (unluckily this means many
> >of linux distributions) install bash as /bin/sh which is incompatible.

On 27.09.07 03:01, Nate Duehr wrote:
> He can call the SPECIFIC shell he wants, and not use /bin/sh.

the /bin/sh is SPECIFIC. It's standard bourne shell, which bash is not 100%
compatible with.

How would you feel if someone created shell similat to, but incompatible
with bash, and put /bin/bash as symlink to it, made it a default shell,
started making /bin/bash scripts that bash can't process (because of
incompatibilities) and finally started crying whenever someone complains?

It's sick. It's broken. If you want to be broken, just be. But don't force
us being broken and don't tell us that being broken is standard.

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