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Re: PHP mail spam

Steve Kemp wrote:
> On Tue May 22, 2007 at 15:39:15 +0200, Marek Podmaka wrote:
>>> Unfortunately, there is no package for debian sarge, but it is worth to
>>> compile it.
>> There are packages for example on www.dotdeb.org. It has packages for
>> both php4 & php5 (with suhosin) which are built for sarge & etch. I am
>> using php from dotdeb for more than a year on production systems
>> without any problems.
>   I've seen *countless* problems with our customers using dotdeb
>  packages (on Sarge).  Mostly relating to MySQL + PHP4/5 upgrades.
>  Not all the packages were available or matched, so installing things
>  like php4-gd would get people in a real mess.
> Steve

Yes, me too. I will never tell somebody to use these *bad* packages.


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