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Re: mysterious (futex)-hangs with pgsql authentication

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2007.05.21.0939 +0200]:
> > FWIW, we've recently moved alioth to using nss_updatedb as
> > a result of symptoms exactly like this.  Various people have
> > talked about working with the new upstream version of nss-pgsql to
> > see if it does any better, but I don't know if they have working
> > packages yet.
> Ah, thanks for the info. nscd will do the job nicely. In our
> environment, if the SQL database is down, it's hardly worth to keep
> machines running.

I now tried this without success. I have

  passwd:         compat pgsql [NOTFOUND=return] db
  group:          compat pgsql [NOTFOUND=return] db

in nsswitch.conf and I ran `nss-updatedb pgsql`, but futex deadlock
remains. Only nscd "fixes" this.

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