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RE: PHP mail spam

Carlos Acedo <mailto:carlos@pangea.org> wrote on Wednesday, May 23, 2007
11:04 AM:

> Ok, I finally mange to compile it by my self, it was not too
> hard after
> all, besides, packages at dotdeb are too new for my sarge, that
> would make me reinstall all php packages.

Look into you phpinfo(), check if suhosin is active and
"suhosin.mail.protect" is set to "1".

Configure the logging right that it logs into a file or the sapi error
handler. See suhosin logging config items.

Then make simple test script that injects a "\nblah" into the Subject line
and mail() it.

Then you should see "ALERT" ... in your log and you know that the attack was
successfully averted.


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