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Re: nss-pgsql and SUCCESS=continue

On Fri, May 18, 2007 at 12:28:10PM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> Hi,
> /usr/share/doc/libnss-pgsql1/nss-pgsql.html suggests an
> nsswitch.conf entry like so:
>   passwd:         compat [SUCCESS=continue] pgsql
I would think that this means that even if the requested entry is foudn
via compat, continue and try finding it again via pgsql.  In that way,
passwd entries found in pgsql can override those in the local file.

Note, I am not an expert on this, that is simply my guess at an
interpretation based on the syntax.

> with the following reasoning:
>   The option [SUCCESS=continue] ensures that all accounts or groups
>   are retrieved when using the iteration functions getpwent(3) and
>   getgrent(3).
> in all other docs, I see the following used instead:
>   passwd:         compat [NOTFOUND=continue] pgsql
That seems redundant.  If it is not found in the first one, will not
always continue to the next?  I mean with ldap that is how it seems to
work even without "NOTFOUND=continue".

> this makes much more sense. In fact, if I add SUCCESS=continue:
>   passwd:         compat [NOTFOUND=continue SUCCESS=continue] pgsql
I'm not sure what the purpose of this would be.

> nss will stop working. I have not yet tried removing
> NOTFOUND=continue since I am connected via SSH and don't want to run
> a risk.
> Could anyone shed some light on what I want to be using here?


Roberto C. Sánchez

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