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nss-pgsql and SUCCESS=continue


/usr/share/doc/libnss-pgsql1/nss-pgsql.html suggests an
nsswitch.conf entry like so:

  passwd:         compat [SUCCESS=continue] pgsql

with the following reasoning:

  The option [SUCCESS=continue] ensures that all accounts or groups
  are retrieved when using the iteration functions getpwent(3) and

in all other docs, I see the following used instead:

  passwd:         compat [NOTFOUND=continue] pgsql

this makes much more sense. In fact, if I add SUCCESS=continue:

  passwd:         compat [NOTFOUND=continue SUCCESS=continue] pgsql

nss will stop working. I have not yet tried removing
NOTFOUND=continue since I am connected via SSH and don't want to run
a risk.

Could anyone shed some light on what I want to be using here?


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