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Re: nss-pgsql and SUCCESS=continue

On 18.05.07 12:28, martin f krafft wrote:
> /usr/share/doc/libnss-pgsql1/nss-pgsql.html suggests an
> nsswitch.conf entry like so:
>   passwd:         compat [SUCCESS=continue] pgsql
> with the following reasoning:
>   The option [SUCCESS=continue] ensures that all accounts or groups
>   are retrieved when using the iteration functions getpwent(3) and
>   getgrent(3).

it means that pgsql will be searched even if requested data are found, in
such case the default is return.

> in all other docs, I see the following used instead:
>   passwd:         compat [NOTFOUND=continue] pgsql

afaik the default in NOTFOUND case is to continue, so I'm not sure why it's
mentioned here. see man nsswitch.conf(5)

> this makes much more sense. In fact, if I add SUCCESS=continue:
>   passwd:         compat [NOTFOUND=continue SUCCESS=continue] pgsql
> nss will stop working.

I wouldn't expect the nss to "stop working". It probably works the way you
configured it to do, but you don't have correct data in pgsql.
if an account exists in pgsql, only the data in pgsql are used in this case.
(afaik). Check the data.

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does anyone read (and follow) this? I only tell people they are violating
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them (Mail-Followup-To: is nice way)

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