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Re: [OT] Wifi Access Points

2007/5/18, Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de>:
Mabe I will go with pppoe, but curently I do not know, HOW to setup a
pppoe-Server on Debian and us PostgreSQL as User-Database.

I've got to mention that wifi network without WPA traffic encryption
and users authentication ( for example - pppoe )  will fail to ..
let's say - exist ;)
I've got one network that has only about APs (mikrotik 5.4 Ghz
ofcourse) that had only wep encyrption and IP addrs were assigned by
dhcp (not pppoe) - we have had about 1 break in a day (mac spoofing

With the Proxim Tsuname MP.11a with OutDoor-Rouer-Software, I have User-
Accounting. Traffic-Shaping and much more inclusive.  Price:  2200 Euro.
But since it is 11a, and I use already two in Marrakech and two in
Strasbourg I can say, this System works on over 10 km with unlimited
number of clients.
I really dislike Tsunami.. trust me ..

continuing with pppoe.
What you ust have :
-kernel with pppoe kernel mode (compiled in)
-rp-pppoe 3.7 software
-pppd 2.4
-freeradius (supports accounting , authentication any can be connected
to any database you want)
-a database (sqlite, text, mysql, pgsql ,oracle whatever freeradius supports)
-a panel to manage users in radius database
-a dynamically generated (I use perl andy dbi:mysql) iptables
(layer7/patchomatic/imq ) rules.

thats all regards.

Wojciech Ziniewicz
Unix SEX :{look;gawk;find;sed;talk;grep;touch;finger;find;fl
ex;unzip;head;tail; mount;workbone;fsck;yes;gasp;fsck;more;yes;yes;eje
ct;umount;makeclean; zip;split;done;exit:xargs!!;)}

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