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Re: Debian Documentation and Specific HOWTOS

On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 12:55:02PM +1000, Julian De Marchi wrote:

> I am not signed up for any ad revenue schemes. :) Vistor tracking using 
> google only. A good wiki exists, except it seems to have only limited 
> content. I.E no specific tutorials really. They are on there, but they 
> are limited.

  This is your problem.  There are *many* places where people can host
 howtos, the problem is twofold:

 a) People don't often write them.

 b) When they are written they are often .. not-perfect.

  The correct solution here is to steer people who you discover can
 write, or have an interest in such things to the wiki, my site, or
 any of the other existing places.

  Fragmentation helps nobody; and a good overhaul of the wiki would
 be a good thing in itself - even if you can't write things you can
 add notes on existing entries "This bit is broken", "TODO:  Add more"
 etc.  That will help steer those people who want to contribute to
 do so.  Maybe.

> I just wanted to use my resources to provide a space for people to spill 
> the contents of their knowledge on. I know a system exists, but refer to 
> my above comments.

  I'd suggest the space isn't the problem.  The talent is the problem.


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