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Re: Debian Documentation and Specific HOWTOS

Jim Popovitch wrote:
Why host your own (ad revenue?, visitor tracking?, data ownership?,
etc.) when a perfectly good wiki already exists and is owned/managed by
the core group you want to help?  What would happen to the data when/if
you move on to Redhat or another distro? etc. etc.

I am not signed up for any ad revenue schemes. :) Vistor tracking using google only. A good wiki exists, except it seems to have only limited content. I.E no specific tutorials really. They are on there, but they are limited.

I have underlying reasons, except to help out.

:-) I'll take that to mean that you have NO underlying reasons other
than to help out.  That motive is admirable, but how do I (some guy in
another city) know that it applies?

I just wanted to use my resources to provide a space for people to spill the contents of their knowledge on. I know a system exists, but refer to my above comments.

The debian wiki, does not have comprehensive howtos, and howtoforge has limited etch howtos. I thought it would be good to get some of the users on the mailing list with some great experience to write up some useful howtos for the etch release.

You do have an excellent idea, please don't think that I am against it.
I just think that the proper place for this data already exists.

I would write some howtos, but like what has previously been said, they will be useless. I do not have the knowledge *yet* as some of the more experienced users on this list. I know i would for one, love to read a tutorial about postfix for etch from Roberto or another expert on this list.


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