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Re: Courier setup for over 17.000 Users [was: Mail clustering]

Op 4-apr-2007, om 19:54 heeft Michelle Konzack het volgende geschreven:

bottleneck I think one server for smtp + pop3/imap is enough and you

And there is the problem!

I have configured ONE inbound "courier-mta-ssl" and curently FIVE
"courier-imap-ssl" since I have too much $USER accessing the IMAP
at the same time.  Arround 600-1400 $USER of over 17.000 Accounts
but increasing.

The mailboxes itself are on 5 seperated NFS-Servers.

I have setup a round robin for <mail.mydomain.tld> for the IMAP
Servers but it does not realy work, specialy if $USER use the
Webinterface on <webmail.mydomain.tld> which use 2 Servers currently.

Hi Michelle,

Why don't you add a loadbalancer in front of your IMAP servers, that spreads inbound connections based on the load of the machines in the cluster? See http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/ for howto's.


Maarten Vink

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