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Debian Documentation and Specific HOWTOS

Hi All,

I am writing to let you all know that I have setup a wiki which i would like to request all of the experienced mailers on this list to write some howtos for the ETCH release and of course SARGE.

The address is http://www.jdcomputers.com.au/wiki

My main purpose behind this wiki was to try and get the experienced people on this list to write some howtos for the ETCH and SARGE releases of debian on some common issues, which keep getting asked on this mailing list. Also some good HOWTOs on other great open source applications for debian. I am aware of HOWTOFORGE, but this wiki will be aimed at helping newbies, and more DEBIAN focused then HOWTOFORGE is.

I see this as a great opportunity for those experienced users to spill their experience onto the site and share their great knowledge with others.

Any ideas or suggestions for the layout will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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