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Re: Debian Documentation and Specific HOWTOS

On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 03:10:14PM +1000, Julian De Marchi wrote:
> I am writing to let you all know that I have setup a wiki which i would 
> like to request all of the experienced mailers on this list to write 
> some howtos for the ETCH release and of course SARGE.
> The address is http://www.jdcomputers.com.au/wiki

Is there any issue with the Debian wiki that you decided to roll your

> My main purpose behind this wiki was to try and get the experienced 
> people on this list to write some howtos for the ETCH and SARGE releases 
> of debian on some common issues, which keep getting asked on this 
> mailing list.

IMO, this information belongs in the Debian Wiki. And please, do not
yell at our releases.

>  Also some good HOWTOs on other great open source applications for
>  debian. I am aware of HOWTOFORGE, but this wiki will be aimed at
>  helping newbies, and more DEBIAN focused then HOWTOFORGE is.

Please think about _linking_ to _GOOD_ HOWTOs at their original site
instead of copying the contents. A lot of HOWTOs are rubbish even for
private users, and plain dangerous for ISPs.

Marc, who has not seen a good HOWTO in a long time

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