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Re: Mail clustering

 Tue, Mar 20, 2007 at 04:27:36PM +0100, Marek Podmaka wrote:

thanks for your reply.

> First you should identify what is your bottleneck. Is it postfix? I

the bottleneck is the hardware, a dual xeon 3.20GHz with 2GB of ram, that,
is pretty high on load in the antivir/antispam server (of course).

> RBLs). IMAP/POP3 can use some disk + CPU for sorting emails. But
> usually the bottleneck is antivirus/antispam. So until you get disk
> bottleneck I think one server for smtp + pop3/imap is enough and you
> can use many servers for antivir/antispam. Which solution do you use?
> Does it permit to define alternative hosts for antivir/antispam?

as for the a/a server, we use postfix+various dnsbl+amavis+clamav (postfix
patched for quota support), while the "standard" server is the same without
dnsbl and all antivirus things.

My idea is to use two servers, ie for the a/a, with round robin, to be able
to balance the load because I'm sure that in a few months even a more
powerful server reache the limit, without changing anything else in
customers configurations, dns zones, and so on.


Bye Enrico

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