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Re: Mail clustering


Tuesday, March 20, 2007, 16:14:40, Cherubini Enrico wrote:

> Good day,
> we have 2 mail server, one with antispam/antivirus services and another one
> without them, both with postfix and another server with mysql db backend
> storing login/password. We are happy with this, but needing to increase

First you should identify what is your bottleneck. Is it postfix? I
don't think so, because receiving+storing emails use very little
resources (maybe something for regexp checks and bandwidth/latency for
RBLs). IMAP/POP3 can use some disk + CPU for sorting emails. But
usually the bottleneck is antivirus/antispam. So until you get disk
bottleneck I think one server for smtp + pop3/imap is enough and you
can use many servers for antivir/antispam. Which solution do you use?
Does it permit to define alternative hosts for antivir/antispam?

  bYE, Marki

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