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Re: no buffer space available

--On March 20, 2007 12:38:33 PM +0500 Timur Irmatov <irmatov@gmail.com> wrote:


We are small ISP, and we are experiencing some strange problem with
our two PPPoE servers. They are running Debian Etch, all software from
official repositories. Our management prefers Gentoo Linux
distribution, so as soon as they will be aware of this problem they
will blame Debian at first. ;-)

The machines have identical hardware: nvidia-based motherboard (some
desktop shit, nobody asked us when hardware were bought), realtek 8139
network card, amd 64 dual core processor, 2 Gigs of RAM, SATA on board
(nvidia mcp51). Each has about 50 network interfaces (vlan), with /24
private networks on each. Services include dhcp, bind, pppoe in kernel

The realtek 8139 isn't really well suited to server type deployment. I'd give a different ethernet adapter a try too if nothing else seems to clear it up. Could be the adapter or it's drivers leaking resources.

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