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Re: More sorbs blacklisting

On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 04:08:14PM -0500, Eric Cunningham wrote:
> Reverse DNS gives a lot more credibility to your domain as it requires 
> the intentional participation of the netblock owner (or the ISP the IP 
> is allocated to).  If you still have the default xxx.xxx.adsl.myisp.com 
> reverse in there, that says to the world you're no different then the 
> infected Windows user down the street.  Go through the effort to 
> legitimize your server and you'll get your mail through.  In most 
> circumstances an ISP won't give you a reverse DNS on a dynamic IP.

I am pursuing this line as well... This particular ISP won't set rDNS
to correspond to a dyndns.org domain, but if I purchase my own
"official" domain and show them the RIPE records they will set rDNS.
So I'm currently looking into getting a pukka domain through an agency
which will proxy the contact information (so as not to blurge my
postal address all over the WWW) without charging a fortune for it.
There are a vast number of possible domain name registration agencies,
so the research isn't exactly speedy :-)


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