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Re: Debian modules

José Marcos Chalmés García wrote:

Perhaps "modconf" (apt-cache search modconf) could help

Thanks. I actually tried using that tool(?) a few days ago. Sucking a pile of gravel through a garden hose would be easier, if your into that sort of thing. ;-) With modconf you have to drill down into a layer to even see if there is a module to deselect, then once you do, you exit and it takes you back to the top of this very long list. Then you spend 10 minutes trying to find where you left off, and then you get to continue exploring another branch to see if their might be another module somewhere. Obviously the guy that wrote that did so when there were only 10 or so module directories in /lib/modules/*/kernel, instead of the 270 that exist today.

Having said that, looking at man modconf it looks like their might be some command line options to avoid the gui... assuming I know the module names. That leads me on to say that an additional thing that perturbs me to no end (and this may be the case in Redhat and other distros) is that module names on the file system can (and do) differ from the name give in lsmod. ide-cd.ko comes to mind, it's module name is ide_cd. Brilliant! :-)

Please don't take me as a whining ass, it's just that my two biggest pet peeves are clutter and inconsistencies. ;-)

Thanks again for the assistance, I do sincerely appreciate it.

-Jim P.

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