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Re: Debian modules

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
Jim Popovitch wrote:
I've installed Debian Sarge on a few *servers*, and I see that the
default kernel loads many more modules than I need (snd_*, floppy,
vesafb, etc.)  Is there a way to prevent Sarge from loading a bunch of
crap automatically?

You can just blacklist the devices for which you don't want modules loaded. Check the hotplug documentation for details.

Thanks, but no thanks. ;-)

This is a server, and I see no reason to run hotplug on a server (same for discovery, PCMCIA, yada, yada, yada). In fact I think hotplug on a server is a security risk because it allows anyone in the datacenter to walk up with a USB dongle and possibly wreak havoc.

Any other ways to stop the kernel/boot-process from thinking this is a desktop that needs a bunch of fru-fru stuff loaded?

-Jim P.

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