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Re: Debian modules

Dan MacNeil wrote:
 > Any other ways to stop the kernel/boot-process from thinking this is a
 > desktop that needs a bunch of fru-fru stuff loaded?

I spent a big chuck of the late 80s and early 90s, de-fragmenting and mapping out bad sectors on floppy discs. I suspect that there are many, many more productive uses for your time than making sure the floppy driver is not loaded.

Though if pink, frilly fru-fru modules are really a threat to your mascul^h^h^h^hsecurity... You can compile your own kernels that don't have the ability to load modules at all.


Seriously now, why do all the Debian-ISP users need sound modules loaded (and consuming kernel resources, etc) on their servers? Take that logic and apply it to the rest of the unnecessarily loaded modules. I can't believe that I am the first (I am new to using Debian on servers) system admin to complain about this. "Rolling your own" shouldn't be an answer, it sounds more like an excuse for bad design. I don't mind rolling my own kernel for a home PC, but hundreds of servers with differing hardware... what a waste of time. Even Redhat gives you a way to control which modules load, I can't believe this isn't an option on Debian. Debian systems should honor /etc/modules, and *not* continue to load everything else.

-Jim P.

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