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Re: Debian modules

2006/6/26, Jim Popovitch <jimpop@yahoo.com>:
Craig Sanders wrote:
> of course debian gives you a way to control what modules are loaded.  look at
> /etc/modules and /etc/modules.conf
>> Debian systems should honor /etc/modules, and *not* continue to load
>> everything else.
> /etc/modules tells a system what TO load, not what NOT TO load. see
> modules.conf for that.
> you want entries like "alias module_name off" for modules that you don't
> ever want loaded.  see the docs for more details.

My /etc/modules.conf say this at the top:

### This file is automatically generated by update-modules"
# Please do not edit this file directly. If you want to change or add
# anything please take a look at the files in /etc/modutils and read
# the manpage for update-modules.

So, if I add a bunch of "alias .... off" to that file will I break
something?  Also, if there is an update (kernel, modutils, etc) will I
loose those settings and have to recreate them?


-Jim P.

Perhaps "modconf" (apt-cache search modconf) could help

J.M Chalmés García
jmchalmes A gmail.com

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