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Re: Which mail server?

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 05:46:12PM +0200, Mustafa Kutsal Ay wrote:
> yes, its quite true. i am sure qmail has patches to do both of the
> works.
> but, it is also the problem itself.
> qmail has too much patches, after patching so many times it becomes
> unstable.

dunno about the stability after so many patches, but it is true that
patching it to have anything near all the features that a modern MTA
should have is a complete PITA.

qmail is late 90s mailer technology, and never likely to improve. it was
good in its day, and pioneered a number of useful ideas, but it's a
dead end.  djb's attitude and especially his license guarantee that.

> postfix is not good at performance comparing to qmail (i mean slightly
> slower), but it can do the same things in the painless way.

rubbish. every benchmark i've ever seen shows that postfix
is significantly faster than qmail - for VERP-style
one-smtp-session-per-recipient (which is the only kind of delivery qmail
can do) AND especially for normal one-session-for-lots-of-recipients
(which qmail CAN'T do).

(btw, the multi-recipient thing makes postfix + Mailman, which can do
smart VERP for bounce detection, an excellent combination for mailing
lists. with DJB's original VERP, one message is sent per recipient with
an encoded Return-Path so that the list manager can figure out the
bouncing address no matter how the recipient address got transformed
by aliases and forwarding. with Mailman's smart version of VERP, it
sends most messages as multi-recipient mail but randomly chooses a few
subscribers for each posted message to get a VERP message. fast delivery
AND good bounce handling).

postfix can do everything that qmail can do, a whole lot faster and a
whole lot better, and a whole lot more than qmail will ever be capable
of doing.

exim's not bad either, if you know your server will never need to scale
up to high mail loads. IMO there are really only two choices for MTA
today - exim and postfix. choose exim if you've got a small server and
you're already very familiar with it. choose postfix for everything

that may change in future if something better than postfix comes along,
but it would have to be VERY good to displace postfix.

> ps: and i dont ever know any patch that qmail does all deliveries at
> one smtp transaction.

AFAIK, there isn't one. it would take more than a simple patch, it would
require a redesign of the way qmail works.


craig sanders <cas@taz.net.au>           (part time cyborg)

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