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Re: Which mail server?

In article <5Jy4y-3nL-11@gated-at.bofh.it>, Serhan D. KIYMAZ wrote:
> Is qmail is good enough or do I have to choose postfix or exim? Which 
> one and why?

Qmail's got two problems that were enough for me to
replace it.

1.  It doesn't know how to reject anything in the SMTP
cycle.  It swallows everything and then barfs up the crap.
Generates a lot of backscatter.  So much that you can get
blocked by AOL if some spammer spoofs them a lot.

2.  It doesn't know how to bunch together multiple
recipients of the same message in the same domain.
So if you have 500 Yahoo subscribers on a mailing list,
it takes 500 separate processes and SMTP transactions
to deliver them.  Yahoo will block you for that.
Postfix will collect them together and do one
SMTP transaction.


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