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Re: consumer grade circuits vs pro grade circuits

Bill Flanagan <wflanagan@wdn.com> writes:

> I too am in Verizon territory.  For $5 to $20  per month (depending on speed, 
> which depends mostly on distance from the CO) more than a residential DSL 
> service, you can buy a "business tariff" DSL.  I had the business DSL on a 
> residential phone line.  Business DSL offers 24-hour tech support.

Yeah, you can get 24x7 tech support, but I don't think that changes
the repair speed for physical problems.  The web page for problem
reports and 24-hour response time is what the ISP's have to deal with
when interacting with Verizon.  Although Verizon online is tight with
Verizon, they still can't get repairs done too much faster, IME.

> Of course, if you can, go for FIOS, fiber to the premises.  Best deal:  get a 
> DSL line, then convert to FIOS--saves you $10/month for the first year  :-) 
> FIOS is at least as fast as an E-1 (2 Mbit/s each way;  actually 5 M/s down, 2 
> up, minimum).  No dependency on distance--if the fiber reaches you, the speed is 
> there (up to 15 M/s down, for more money).

FIOS is fast, but note that when they install it, they remove (cut
down!) your copper phone line and replace it entirely with fiber, and
you can't get service from anybody but Verizon with FIOS.  Their
residential service is heavily firewalled and anti-server.  I don't
know much about the business FIOS service.

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