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consumer grade circuits vs pro grade circuits

The recent multi-homing discussion had a few disparaging remarks about "consumer grade" circuits.

I've heard people (particularly sales people) express the opinion that a T1 was much better than DSL in terms of quality.

I've heard:

	 "Unlike DSL a T1 is tariffed and regulated so
	  guaranteed a particular level of quality."

	  "DSL has high latency"

However, it is difficult to pin people down on specifics and several evenings of googling have not brought me clarity.

In our case, one of our spaces is within a few hundred meters of the central office. We can get very high quality 6M/785K DSL for $150/month

Theoretically (3) fast DSL connections would give us more bandwidth and redundancy than one $400 T1 (we get non profit pricing)

What am I missing?

Any links or thoughts would be helpful.

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