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On Fri, Sep 30, 2005 at 11:43:02AM -0400, Scott Mohnkern wrote:
> We've got a user that would like us to support VPN to their server.  
> Does anyone know where there's a "how to" on configuring vpn on the 
> server?  I've installed open vpm, and pptp, created an account, however, 
> I keep getting a "password incorrect" message.

  There isn't enough information here to know where to start.  What
 operating system(s) are at each side?  How do you wish to use the
 VPN?  Always on?  Dialup?

  You certainly don't need both pptp *and* openvpn.  One or the
 other should suffice.

  If it is two servers you wish to join with OpenVPN then this
 might help:


  If you have a single user who wishes to connect with pptpd (from
 a Windows machine, say) then you should look at the poptop site:


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