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Re: Areca SATA cards

Soenke von Stamm wrote:

with 4 discs in raid5. Worse than a single disc does. I've had the card replaced - no joy.

No wonder, old CPU. That one was known to be slow,

The question is *how* slow? I'm getting 6MB/s sustained write to the raid. The discs are Seagate 160GB SATA 7200rpm NCQ 8MB cache models. Each on their own sustains around 30MB/s sustained write.

For comparitive testing, I put two drives on the onboard VIA based SATA controllers, and two on a PCI card with Sil_3112a chipset (the same chipset that the LSI card use for IO control, btw), and made a kernel based raid-5 over all four. This config gave me about 21MB/s sustained write, with a system load of about 2.0 (where writing to the LSI gave me around 8.0). I don't expect the raid-5 set to be super fast, but it's got to be able to handle at least 25-30MB/s as this is for a backup server that has to receive a fairly large (and growing) amount of data on a daily basis, via gigabit LAN.

Unfortunately 3ware doesn't have a local distributier (South Africa), and I would prefer to buy a card somewhere were I can take it back within a day, should I need to.

Thanks for the replies

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