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Re: Areca SATA cards

Am Freitag, 9. September 2005 12:47 schrieb Hans du Plooy:
> The fan concerns me too, but there are ways around that.  I have a very
> bad taste in my mouth with LSI.  I have a SATA 150-6, which is supposed
> to be true hardware raid.  I have tried it on Sarge, Etch, Sid, SLES9,
> SUSE 9.3, with all possible combinations of kernel and drivers, and
> right now I finished testing it on Win2k3 server, and it performs like a
> dog

That's because it uses an older Intel controller (xor engine if you like). The 
one on the arecas and the *300* LSIs is a newer model, I'm too lazy to track 
that down now. They use the same CPU, so performance should be good for both.

I'm using RAID 10 cause with four discs for me this is the best mix between 
reliability and performance. It's a mail server where space is not that much 
of a concern. So I can't give you exact figures for RAID5.

Maybe you should just go for 3ware 95xx as they are proven to be stable, fast 
and reliable.

> with 4 discs in raid5.  Worse than a single disc does.  I've had the 
> card replaced - no joy.

No wonder, old CPU. That one was known to be slow, that's why 3ware with their 
own CPU was able to make a big dent here. Plus reliablility and drivers of 
course, over all a good picture. I would have taken 3ware myself, but the 
cards were one to two centimetres too long.

> So I think I'll give LSI a skip.  All that's 
> left then is Areca or 3ware (at least in my part of the world.
> The Areca dealer has offered to let me test a card first before I buy,
> so I'll take them up on that.

Still my guess is the Arecas might be just as fast as the new LSIs.


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