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Re: Areca SATA cards

Soenke von Stamm wrote:

as they use a fan I would step away from them, that doesn't look like a

small ones. Instead we have purchased some of the new LSI cards (MegaRAID

The fan concerns me too, but there are ways around that.  I have a very
bad taste in my mouth with LSI.  I have a SATA 150-6, which is supposed
to be true hardware raid.  I have tried it on Sarge, Etch, Sid, SLES9,
SUSE 9.3, with all possible combinations of kernel and drivers, and
right now I finished testing it on Win2k3 server, and it performs like a
dog with 4 discs in raid5.  Worse than a single disc does.  I've had the
card replaced - no joy.  So I think I'll give LSI a skip.  All that's
left then is Areca or 3ware (at least in my part of the world.

The Areca dealer has offered to let me test a card first before I buy,
so I'll take them up on that.


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