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Re: Areca SATA cards


as they use a fan I would step away from them, that doesn't look like a 
serious design to me. Fans don't tend to fail, they DO fail. Especially those 
small ones. Instead we have purchased some of the new LSI cards (MegaRAID 
SATA 300-8X - the x4 version according to my dealer is/was only available to 
OEMS) which sport the same CPU but don't offer RAID6 by now. No problems yet. 
Have stress-tested it under debian-amd64/sarge for five days, no problem. 
You'll need a 2.6.11 kernel at least as they have updated megaraid drivers. I 
used 2.6.12 vanilla sid/amd64.

Oh, a firmware update was needed.


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