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Re: limiting apache requests

On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 11:37:18AM +0200, Marek Podmaka wrote:

>   Do you have any experience with limiting number of apache (1.3)
>   requests per IP or per vhost?

   I used mod_dosevasive which isn't packaged, but was very simple
 to setup and found it very useful.
>   And do you use mod-security? How much mem & cpu does it take? Is it
>   worth?

  Yes.  I haven't measured the memory/cpu usage explicitly but I've not
 noticed any significant slowdown with using it.

  (Right now I've got it upon a virtual host setup with Apache 2.x and
 my rules file is contains about 200 non-comment lines.)

  Of course it will depend upon what you do in the rules how well it
 will perform for you, both in terms of actual security and in performance.


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